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Our Beers.

We brew six cask ales and a couple of lagers and we focus our attention upon all of those being of high quality and consistency so that you enjoy our beer at its best:

Shropshire Lager | Gold  | 1403 | 1066 | Archers | Sabut Jung | Cheshire Lager | ImperialCitrus Blast

Our beers are available in cask, Lagers in keg and all of our products in bottles. Please call us on 01743 465000 or email us at sales@battlefieldbrewery.co.uk with your enquiries. To buy bottles online please click here to go to the Best of British Beer website.


Shropshire Lager


Shropshire Lager is a beer born out of demand from Lager drinkers looking for something more. More flavour, more body and more passion from the brewer! A handcrafted Lager from carefully selected ingredients using an age old process for the very best results. We hope you enjoy drinking it as much as we enjoy brewing it.
4.2% ABV
Malts – Extra pale Barley
Hops – Magnum, Liberty


Saxon GOLD Ale


A Golden ale with a subtle orangey marmelade aroma on the nose, crisp maltyness with touches of soft hops, yet offers a full well rounded finish. A real thirst quencher! Read more about ‘The Name behind the beer…’
3.8% ABV
Malts – Maris Otter, Cara Gold, Wheat
Hops – Magnum, Cascade, Goldings

1403 - Refreshing Golden Ale


A light dry and crisp ale. Slight malt backbone with a subtle citrus/apricot note. And the finish from the dry hops leave you with a grapefruit and slight floral flavour. Subtle and easy drinking, perfect thirst quencher all year round and especially on sunny days!
4.1% ABV
Malts – Extra pale, Caragold, Wheat, Munich
Hops – Kazbek, Summer, Cascade, Magnum


1066 Beer


Rich malt and striking hop aromas invite you to enjoy the smoothness in this easy drinking darker ale. Beer lovers everywhere will appreciate the balanced flavours in this satisfying ale.
4.2% ABV
– Maris Otter, Amber, Caragold
Other – Wheat
– Magnum, Cascade, Chinook, Pacifica, Saphir


Archers Ale


A smooth and satisfying stronger pale ale full of clean malt flavours with a delightful hoppy finish. An ideal bitter sweet balance means this beer can be enjoyed on all occasions and is a great match with roast meats and other meat based recipes.
4.8% ABV
Malts – Extra Pale, Caragold, Wheat
Hop – Magnum, Saaz, Cascade, Pacifica

Sabut Jung Ale


Subtle hoppy notes hit your nose, whilst the smooth caramel body tempts with a touch of sweetness, then wham, a punch of citrus grapefruit and spicy hops. The taste is rounded off with a well balanced clean bitterness. A treat for all lovers of IPA. Read more about ‘The Name behind the beer…’
5.8% ABV
Malts – Pale, Munich, Cara Gold
Hops – Magnum, Cascade, Aramis, Saphir, Chinook

Cheshire lager


A fabulous handcrafted lager from carefully selected ingredients and using an age old lagering process. A fresh Munich style lager with a satisfying bitter sweet balance and a well rounded flavour.
4.2% ABV
Malts – Extra Pale Barley
Hop – Magnum, Liberty

Imperial Lager


At last a Lager to take on the big guys! Reflecting our passion and fighting spirit to bring you truly outstanding British beer, Imperial is traditionally brewed and packed full of flavour and we are sure it will win the battle to quench your thirst and satisfy your taste buds!
4.2% ABV

Citrus Ale


AVAILABLE: April to September.
A fantastic Summery citrus ale, with lemon and lime on the nose, very crisp and easy drinking with tropical grapefruit flavours from the hops, a hint of orange and a zesty lime finish, the perfect pint for hot weather!
4.2% ABV
Malts – Pale, Wheat, touch of Crystal
Hops – Cascade, Chinook, Saphir, Magnum
Other – Blend of citrus fruit zest.

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